Getting It Right

obama on Arab TVThree very unique things were brought to my attention about our new President today.

1) He is not going to put up with any bullcrap. In this article, as well as many other places today, I read that Obama today told CitiGroup to basically not take delivery “or else” on a $50 million luxury jet they were supposed to get this month from a French jetmaker. This is the same CitiGroup that accepted $45 billion in bailout money just a number of weeks ago. Awesome. Obama’s officials said simply “fix it.”

I love it. As the article on Gizmodo so eloquently put it:

“Ohhh, man that feels good. Like a satisfying smackdown that all taxpayers can revel in.”

2) He is going to do what it takes to get things done. Barely at the end of his first week in office, President Obama paid a visit to Captiol Hill for a meeting with Republicans. Former President Bush only did this twice in his entire eight years in office. One week in, and Obama is already blurring party lines and has impressed Republicans with his candor and determination. I don’t give a crap who voted for who and who is supporting who and who has who’s hands in who’s pockets – I (like the rest of the country) just want something about housing, credit, and unemployment rates to be done. Too long this country has bickered and argued with itself to oblivion.

3) He is reaching out to Muslims in a way Bush never did. 99% of Muslims are not causing the violence we see on the news. It’s the 1% that do. President Obama granted his first interview as President today, to an Arab-run news network that is widely watched in the Middle East. Obama’s policy is one of “listening” where Bush’s policy was one of “dictating.” You don’t “dictate” to 1.61 billion people worldwide. You listen to them, especially when it’s barley 1% of those Muslims who are actually causing the trouble.

I know, I know. It sounds as if I should be on the sidelines of the Obama football team in a cheerleading outfit by the way I’m talking. But just one week into this adminstration, it seems like they mean business. Especially the one sitting in the Oval Office.


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