Student Loans Should Be A Priority Right Now

my-degreeI am really thankful that I just finished my time in college, and while I’m not looking forward to June (I start repaying my student loans back), I am still thankful for my degree and how I was able to get it.

Then I came across this article, published by USA Today on January 24th. It brought to light some things that I think will be our downfall in the long run if we don’t nip this problem in the bud right now.

Stupid quote #1:

“There are no sure answers because we’re in new territory,” said Bruce Hammond, a Washington, D.C.-based college admissions consultant and co-author of “The Fiske Guide to Getting into the Right College.” “But students with high need and lesser credentials are going to have to brace themselves for less aid.”

Duh. That was the case before the loan “crisis.”

Stupid quote #2:

“These places continue to jack it up,” Hammond said of tuition increases, “so if you can pay the full outrageous fee in this economy, as long as you can walk and chew gum you will be admitted.”

Does anyone else see this domino effect? Institutions jack up prices –> Only stupid rich kids can afford to go to school –> This nation breeds a bunch of PhD’s who don’t know their elbows from thier…well, you get the idea.

The real “crisis” here is that these institutions who are not getting enough endowment or state funds are having to cut teachers, building projects, and entire programs of study. The loans aren’t the real crisis, it’s the way we’re combating the lack of them. No money? We’ll just cut that.

Higher educcation in this country is paramount in my opinion, and this downward spiral that the system is in right now will have far-reaching and long lasting reprecussions down the line. Do we want all of the stupid rich people in charge or what?


2 thoughts on “Student Loans Should Be A Priority Right Now

  1. If they cut teachers, building programs and entire fields of study, these schools won’t be able to attract the people who can pay. They’ll go elsewhere. So they will try to get their money and still compete. How? Colleges are going to be forced to get their hands dirt. They will have to begin or expand their own university loan programs for people who cannot afford their tuition. This type of aid is much cheaper than grants, because the initial funding can be recycled as people pay their loans off.

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