The Obamas are the Kennedys All Over Again

barack_obama_familyYou know, I didn’t live in the time of John F. Kennedy and his very short run in the White House. I was a product of Reganomics, of the early eighties. But I see similarities between the Obamas and the Kennedys that no one can ignore.

Did you see the inauguration coverage? Did you see the 2 million+ people in Washington virtually enthralled by one man’s ascension to the White House? Did you see the people running down Constitution Avenue falling all over themselves to follow the new President’s motorcade? America is excited about the Presidency again.

Not everyone voted for Obama (I didn’t, but that’s beside the point), but you can’t tell me that even those people are not excited about what’s to come. Sure, there will be pitfalls and potholes we fall into along the way.

If Obama delivers on his economic promises and gets this nation’s market back on track, then he will be hailed as a savior, and as a great President. But what if he can’t get that done? What if our country’s legislature is so stunted and narrow in its political infighting that Obama isn’t able to get anything done?

I hate to be dramatic and say “it’s all on the line,” but hey, it is.


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