2003_1109image0003Our nation is in the process of changing in a very unique way. So why shouldn’t I change with it?

I had a car one time that I hated. There wasn’t anything wrong with it. I would actually probably still have it now if I hadn’t have sold it. The problem was that I went to get a new car. The new car was too expensive and flashy, so I sold it and went back to what I knew.

That’s kinda what I’m doing now. WordPress was what I knew, but I thought I was getting rid of it for a better way, trading it in for wonderful customized HTML or something. I was in way over my head. While I’m still learning, I need to stick with what I know.

So back to WordPress I go, and oh how it has changed. Now you can customize, you can even upgrade to edit CSS.

Stay tuned for lots of great articles and links on the site here.

It’s good to be back.


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